Care and Cleaning Tips for your Jewelry

Your jewelry is made to stay strong and beautiful for a long time, but to keep it looking its best, a little attention can help. When taking care of your jewelry, it matters what type of beads are in your piece, as some of them require different care than others. In this section, we will try to share some basic hints for taking care of different materials so that they continue looking great.
Not everyone will want to put this much effort into maintaining their jewelry, and we understand that. But for the very special pieces, these hints can keep them beautiful for a long time.

General tips- avoid showering, swimming, and cleaning house while wearing your jewelry. In general, jewelry doesn't react well with the types of chemicals you will encounter in these activities.
When storing your jewelry, it is best to make sure that the pieces are not tangled together. Pulling them loose can distort the shape of some pieces. It also helps to make sure that any stones in the jewelry are not scraping against each other, as softer stones can be scratched by harder ones.
Any activity that involves impact can be hard on jewelry. For example, if you are playing baseball while wearing a ring, catching a hard hit can distort the shape of your ring or chip the stones. So, if you know you are going to be doing something very active with your hands, it is probably a good idea to leave the rings and bracelets at home.

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