Who's who at Rock 'N Silver


The most important team member is Mary Rogers. She is the owner and founder of the business and the only "real" employee.
Mary has always been very creative and has dabbled in many arts and crafts areas. From blacksmithing to tatting, she has tried almost everything. She was self taught in many of these adventures, but has always been able to learn from books as well as by being taught by others.
Mary began making jewelry for fun in the spring of 2006. Making jewelry would probably have remained simply a hobby for Mary, except for one of those unexpected twists that life seems to take. In the summer of 2006, Mary developed health problems that forced her to quit her job. As a way to keep herself busy and help pay the bills, Mary began making and selling some of her jewelry in sterling silver. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the business continues to grow.
Mary enjoys the opportunity to exercise her creativity and develop new designs for her jewelry. Because of her talent, many of the pieces you see on this website are original designs. She likes drawing inspiration from the beads and especially the stones she works with, and looks for designs that will bring the most interesting qualities of the bead to light.

Other Team Members

Rock 'N Silver is really a family business, as everyone has found their own way to get involved. Even Mary's brother, who lives too far away to help with most of the details, gave her a Christmas gift that got her started on jewelry making.

Linda Linda is Mary's twin sister and was the first person to get interested in Mary's new hobby of jewelry making. Linda enjoys trying new things and testing new ideas. She especially enjoys making rings and earrings, since no single piece takes hours of planning. Linda also contributes to the business as part of the sales team at craft shows and by constructing this website. In addition, Linda and Mary work fairly equally on the pottery making, which is another hobby that somehow got absorbed into the jewelry business. Both Mary and Linda took classes in making pottery in college and find the hobby too enjoyable to give up. But since space is limited and there are only so many dishes one family can use, adding the pottery to the sales inventory was the perfect solution.

Rebecca Rogers Rebecca is Mary's younger sister. While she is not comfortable making the jewelry, she is an expert at wearing it. Rebecca has tested a huge number of jewelry designs and has shown a great ability to identify designs that will appeal to various groups of people. Rebecca is also the "personal shopper" for the business. She finds most of the great deals on supplies that allow Rock 'N Silver to maintain such low prices and still keep producing jewelry of excellent quality. Rebecca also helps as part of the sales team at craft shows. She also helps with designing pottery pieces and helping with glazing them once they are made.
Mom and Dad Marcia, Mary's mother, helps with many different facets of the business. She is part of the sales team that works at craft shows and is responsible for finding many of the shows that we are in. She helps decode legal and tax information and helps with the bookkeeping for the business. She keeps everything running smoothly.

The final, and mostly silent, member of the team is Mary's father, Tom. While he has practically nothing to do with jewelry and would not pretend to understand it, he has been very helpful with handling "technical difficulties" such as lighting needs for evening craft shows and keeping the pottery wheels and kiln running correctly. He helps at craft shows, but prefers to handle the money rather than trying to match colors and talk about jewelry styles.

Rock 'N Silver